How To Make a Roman Blind

A significant thought when you are redesigning are the windows. There are various ways that you can dress your windows at home like full shades, wraps and different kinds of blinds. Here are a few essential rules that will empower you to you make your own Roman incognizant in regards to add that individual touch to your inside plan project.

You will require the accompanying:


Solid string

Sewing machine


Staple weapon



Measuring tape

5 wood rod

2 Screws/nails


Texture Tape

Lining (discretionary)


Plastic circles


Measure the window. Contingent upon the sort of window, you can either take the estimations from in the middle of the dividers so the blinds sit right close to the window or take them from before the window so the visually impaired can descend past the ledge.

You can utilize any texture however to get the best overlap in Project Blinds the visually impaired it is ideal to utilize texture that is essentially decorator weight. In the event that you are adding a covering, utilize a dim shading to shut out light. This is particularly for blinds that are utilized in a room.

Measure and cut the texture. Permit an additional an inch on each side so you can fix the edges to make a slick completion.

On the off chance that you are adding a covering, measure and cut the texture. It ought to be cut a 1 inch more modest than the best face texture.

Place the best face texture right side down and stick the coating set up, putting the fix of the best face texture over the edges of the covering. When secure turn back to front, sew the trims. Ensure there is little opening left with the goal that you can turn it right side out once more.

Line the velcro across the top edge of the texture.

Place the texture tape at 4 spans on the covering. At the point when you are content with the position (this will be the place where your visually impaired folds.) You can make the tape safer by sewing the edges. Make sure to leave the short edges open on the grounds that the implement will be strung through them. On the other hand you can stick the implement straightforwardly on to the texture.

Append the plastic circles to the texture tape or the stick. String the string through the circles.

Append the opposite side of the velcro to the last twirly doo. Screw the rod to the window edge or divider.

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