Roundtable – Shared Services & Outsourcing in Latin America

It may not yet have a similar profile as South Asia or Eastern Europe, yet Latin America is turning into an inexorably famous objective for associations hoping to build up shared assistance communities, either serving homegrown business sectors or as a feature of local or even worldwide shared administrations systems. Moreover, alongside this development in the hostage area Latin America has turned into the focal point of developing revenue with respect to major rethinking suppliers whose section into the market has had thump on results no matter how you look at it. Toss into this generally unstable blend the current monetary unsteadiness and it’s not difficult to perceive any reason why the area’s movement is causing ripple effects across and past the common administrations and reevaluating space in 2009.

We met a board addressing professionals, suppliers and counselors to investigate the current degree of development of the Latin American market and to analyze how – and if – the financial discomfort influencing a large part of the remainder of the worldwide economy is affecting upon activities in the area.

Going to were:

Laura Bao Castro

CR FSSC Controller

Intel Corporation

Esteban Carril

Chief, Latin America Finance Operations

EMC Corporation

Mauro Mezzano


Vantaz Group Consulting

Ricardo Neves

PwC Global Sourcing Leader for South America


Q: I figure the principal question we should check out HR Dept is: is it right to discuss “Latin American shared administrations” by any means? Latin America is an extremely enormous area topographically and as far as populace; it has a more modest phonetic variety than, for instance, Europe, however there are still exceptionally huge contrasts between, say, Brazil and Costa Rica. How much is it really workable for associations – hostage or BPO – to adopt a genuinely territorial strategy in Latin America? Is it difficult to try not to have huge assets in individual nations?

Ricardo Neves: This is an area unique in relation to different areas on the planet. In the event that you talk about intra-area administrations, you’re discussing two significant dialects which are, somehow or another, near one another; you have additionally a closeness of in general culture; and normally what you see with global or local tasks here is that the bigger nations like Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile relate to a critical size of the activities. Typically in the event that you check out a large portion of the worldwide or global organizations in the district, they have half or even 75% of their activities completed in a few nations all things considered – and afterward 10, 12 different nations where they do have tasks yet which make up just 25% or less of their business.